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Easy 10 Points, iMPACT Wrestling Tag Teams question?

I haven't really been paying alot of attention to iMPACT Wrestling lately, but I have heard that Generation Me has just been released today, The Motor City Machine Guns are inactive for all of 2011 because of Chris Sabin's ACL and MCL injury, and I also haven't been hearing alot about Beer Money, so my question is, What are the current tag teams of iMPACT Wrestling?

Best Answer...


The current Tag Teams in TNA Impact Wrestling right now are Beer Money, the Tag Team Champions, Mexican America featuring Anarquia and Hernandez, The British Invasion featuring Magnus and Douglas Williams and Ink Inc featuring the Prince Of Punk Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal. Those are the four active Tag Teams in Impact Wrestling today. You can expect Motor City Machine guns to return into the scene by early next year in 2012.