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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is the Celestron PowerSeeker Accessory Kit a good buy?

I have a Celestron PowerSeeker 70AZ and I was thinking about getting the #94306 PowerSeeker Accessory Kit. It says it's supposed to come two additional eyepieces, a cloth, a carrying case to put the accessories in, and three filters which are designed to improve the detailed views of the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus. I'm wondering if anyone has gotten this, is it worth the buy?

Best Answer...


For your current setup, its OK. T0. he eyepieces are nothing spectacular. Kellner eyepieces are an economical design (Plossl's would be better. You'll get more use out of the power powered eyepieces and the filters are useful for planets and maybe the moon.

Something to think about is getting one or two, really good eyepieces. They'll cost more, but they are something that you can keep while you upgrade to bigger and better telescopes.