Dividing Head

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what is rotary table and indexer?

what is its purpose and what materials are used to make it

Best Answer...


a rotary table and a dividing head are much of the same thing exept that there attitude is 90deg different they both are normaly used on mlling machines to provide a facility to index the workpiece to machine gearteeth or splines or slots or even drill holes at any accurate angle around the workpiece,the table of the rotary table or the chuck of the dividing head turn once for the turning of the handle 40 times as well as this the handle can be further divided by the use of a indexing plate which if needed can be geared to the output shaft for even smaller divisions,the table is connected to a 40tooth wormwheel and the handle to a single start worm,i have used one of these to produce 37 div fretwheel for a roulette wheel,for clutch teeth etc.with the dividing head it can be tipped at any angle from 0-90deg to do angular work the table is usually used flat.the dividing head is provided with a tailstock to enable shafts to be put between centres-