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What purpose do Biblical films have other than a religious one?

Do you think Biblical films are just promoting Religion and condoning it? Is their general purpose religious itself like Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ was?
Is there any other purpose Biblical films have than a religious one?
Thanks in advance for your opinions

Best Answer...


Truthfully (and I'm saying this as a religious person), I don't care for religious films. Most of them really do not serve any other purpose than to be propaganda pieces for whatever religion they are based on. They're good for the followers of the religion, but not for the public as a whole (Actually, I'm not sure if the Left Behind movie series is good for anyone). I think the only movie that I have seen that is Biblically based that was any good was The Ten Commandments. It doesn't throw anything in your face, it's just an epic movie.

As far as Passion of the Christ goes, it was Mel Gibson's way of expressing his faith, and showing Christians the last day of their savior. I can't really hold that against the guy, and whether or not you dislike his work, he was incredibly brave to release that movie on the mainstream circuit.

What it really comes down to is artistic expression I suppose. I'm sure there are plenty of religious movies out there that communicate religious ideas without being uppity about it, and just as long as the film maker isn't throwing it in anyone's face, I don't have any problem with it. As long as its their artistic expression about something they deeply care for, then they're just utilizing the art of film in the same way any other artist would.