Plexiglass Sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where can I buy the Plexiglass sheets for my doll house windows?

I mean the real stores, not the online ones. Michael's doesn't seem to carry those.
Can you cut the Plexiglass sheets with a small non-electric handsaw?
Where can I buy the clear vinyl sheets?
[edit] clear vinyl window sheeting

Best Answer...


Well where I work Ace Hardware we carry both 1/8" and 1/4" Plexiglas and sizes of full sheets range anywhere from 30"-48" but we can cut to as small as 2"x2" or how’s about clear vinyl window sheeting its thin and very clear and cuts very easily as Plexiglas if you try cutting it yourself you have to score and score with a very sharp blade then gently snap it which is not at all fun.

But in a nutshell my reply to your question is to try your local hardware stores or a place that repairs windows. They might even have scrap to sell or give.
And as for using a hand saw when we need to do rounded corners we either use a jig saw with a 18tpi (teeth per inch) count metal cutting blade or I prefer my Dremel with a carbide cutoff blade.