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Frequently Asked Questions...

Christian love: I need advice?

I really love this guy, but I'm not sure about him.

First, he's a convicted crimminal. (I know, it sounds bad, but he's really innocent).

Second, I've never actually met him. I read letters about him all the time, though, and he is such a sweet guy! He is so full of love.

Third, he's never actually written a letter to me. It's embarrassing, but all of the information that I have about him comes to me through other people.

Am I crazy to love him so much?

BTW, his name is Jesus Christ....

Best Answer...


Be certain, He loves you too. So much He died for you and now lives to give you eternal life with Him. What love!

'Tender love of Jesus, so lovely and so pure;
Flowing thru this vessel to strengthen, fill and cure
All the doubt and turmoil that’s caused by sin and shame,
Making me a witness to His most holy Name.
Yes, love, Christ’s love, pure love, great love;
With joy my heart is singing, the things of life grow dim,
For Christ is love!
Ruth Ems­wil­er