Section Bearing

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SilverThin Bearings 3 8 x 3 8 Thin Section Bearing SC060XPO
SilverThin Bearings 3 8 x 3 8 Thin Section Bearing SC060XPO
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Section Bearing

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Off Road Scooter - Part 2 - Wheel bearings.


Supreme Court Justices Worry About 'Parade Of Horribles' If They Agree You Don't Own What You Bought (Techdirt)

As we were discussing, on Monday, the Supreme Court heard the oral arguments
in the Wiley v. Kirtsaeng case over whether or not you have the right to
resell (or even display) a product you bought that was made outside of the
country, which contains content covered by copyright. First off, a big caveat
that needs to be mentioned every single time we write about oral arguments in
a court case: it is not uncommon for what is discussed, and the questions
asked, to really **have almost nothing to do** with the final decision.
Everyone loves to read the tea leaves based on the questions the Justices ask,
but, quite often, the questions (and answers) don't necessarily have much
bearing on the final decision. The written briefs usually have a much bigger
impact. That said, it doesn't mean the questions are meaningless, or that we
can't learn a little bit from them.

It shouldn't be much of a surprise that the Justices were pretty pointed in
their questions (pdf) for all three presenters (Wiley gave some of its time to
the US government, who actually argued for a "middle ground" interpretation
between the positions of ...


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