Thread Die

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Fixing bolt threads on a bolt?

Is there any way possible to fix stripped out bolt threads on a bolt?? I have a 1994 Yamaha YZ125 dirtbike, and on the crankshaft there is threads on the end for the nut for the flywheel. The threads are all messed up. Is there any way possible to repair the threads??

Here is a sample picture of the threads on the end.

Best Answer...


There are special files made for cleaning up threads. You have to have the right file for the size and pitch of the threads. Depends on how bad they are as to whether they can be restored that way. You can also try running a thread die of the sam size over them to see if that will restore them sufficiently. Sears sells Tap & Die sets and individual taps and dies. Most parts stores sell some dies or die sets as does Harbor Freight, Lowes and Home Depot.