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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do women really wear sports bras to the gym ?

Im going to the gym with my friend to do a step aerobics class and was wandering if any women wear just a sports bra or what?
I dont usually when i go to the fitness suite but this is a ladies only step aerobics class
I usually wear a tank top and track bottoms but dont want to have baggy and heavier clothes on

Do you think a sporta bra and shorts would be ok?
Thanks :)

Best Answer...


Is your question about whether woman ONLY wear sports bras or do they wear them under their outer gym attire? I always wear a sports bra under my t shirt for comfort. They are designed to be comfortable. I think any woman with boobs over B cup knows that they bounce up and down and this can hurt. A normal bra eg a wire cup bra, may cause discomfort, so a sports bra is better. They also give added support. For aerobics a sports bra and shorts would be ok. I would initially wear a t shirt, so if you get too hot you can take it off.Don't wear heavy fabrics, choose a loose cotton. It's actually better than tighter clothing, as they allow the skin to breathe.